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Research - Consulting - Training - Presentations

Research - Consulting - Training - Presentations Research - Consulting - Training - Presentations Research - Consulting - Training - Presentations



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Our Services

From strategy to tactics, implementation to assessment, we help move Colorado Forward

Increase your effectiveness and impact with clear, actionable findings and recommendations that answer your key questions: 

  • How effective is our organization in achieving our goals? 
  • How does our organization measure up compared to best practices and benchmark results from similar organizations? 
  • How can we increase the impact of our services with limited resources? 
  • How can we increase awareness of our organization and services to current and potential clients, donors and partners? 
  • How can collaborations and partnerships enhance the work of our organization? 
  • How can our leadership play a more active and effective role in guiding and supporting the organization? 
  • How should we support the development and effectiveness of our staff and volunteers?
  • What are emerging social and sector trends for which we need to prepare? 


Our Approach

Our services includes comprehensive, customized research and consulting to address your concerns and help you meet your goals. 

  • Market research, including data collection, qualitative and quantitative analysis, surveys, focus groups and in-depth interviews, internal and external publications.
  • Program and organizational strategic planning, including needs assessments, cost-benefit analysis, SWOT analysis, strategic planning, annual work planning.
  • Program and organizational assessments, including program evaluation design, data collection, evaluation and outcomes analysis and program improvement recommendations. 
  • Development planning and fundraising, including creating your own grant toolkit, grant writing, fundraising campaign and event planning and execution, donor database improvements. 
  • Training and facilitation for staff, boards, volunteers, leadership.  
  • Presentations on trends and emerging issues help your organization innovate for the future. 


Publications, Posts and Research

                        National Civic League, National Civic Review Fall 2019

                       Urban Research University Centers - Overview

                       Urban Research University Centers - Program Inventory,

                        University of Colorado Denver, School of Public Affairs, 2019 

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